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Best Beaches in the World are Best Beaches in Thailand ?

Best Beaches in the World are Best Beaches in Thailand ?

Some of us will agree, some of people will not agree that best beaches in the world are in Thailand. But you will have to agree ith me or people who where on Thailand beaches that they are so beautiful that you can sit there all day and night and enjoy the view.

There  are people who go to the beaches only to surf, get burned ;) , have great time, go to party, look for partners or even get married on the beach.

Why should I claim that best beaches in the world are in Thailand?

Statistic !
Millions and millions of people are having vacation in Thailand, more and more movies are taken on the most beautiful beaches in Thailand (Blue Lagoon, Hangover 2, The Quest,....)

OK, cut the crap. Here are by my opinion and a few millions people the best beaches in Thailand.

1. Patong Beach, Phuket


The largest beach on the island of Phuket is also the country’s most popular beach. With a wide coastline, soft white sand, warm water and plenty of hotels, restaurants and shopping within walking distance it’s impossible to get bored here. The vibrant nightlife attracts a partying crowd and the jet skis keep the volume cranked to high during the day, so those looking for peace and quiet might want to head elsewhere.  There are water sports on offer for those whose ambitions go beyond getting a tan, and the fantastic nightlife means that this is a top spot for party animals. Believe me you can meet your neighbour there ;)

2. Railey Beach, Krabi

Though it’s technically on the mainland, Railey Beach is only accessible by boat and has a desert island feeling you won’t find on most of the country’s popular beach destinations. Clear blue waters, small islands on the horizon and majestic cliffs surround the small beach, which is generally not crowded except during peak season.
Aside from rock climbing, swimming and snorkeling, there’s not much else to do here but admire the gorgeous scenery, so bring a book and prepare to relax. Most visitors to Thailand secretly long to discover their own ‘desert island’ beach – and despite its mainland location, Railey Beach could fit the bill. It’s an isolated spot, away from the tourist hordes, and access is by boat only. In addition to sunbathing and admiring the beautiful scenery, visitors can enjoy swimming in safe waters, snorkelling and rock climbing. I was in Krabi last year, it was really great and we have private beach ;) Movie Hangover 2 was made in Krabi.

3. Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Ley

You’ll need to commission a boat to get to Maya Bay, but the location is certainly worth travelling for. Protected by beautiful limestone cliffs and blessed with calm waters and stunning surroundings, this beach makes a great day trip from nearby Ko Phi Phi. Go in the low season to avoid the crowds. This small stretch of sand is the quintessential Thailand beach and might just have the best scenery of any in the country. Part of a little island adjacent to Ko Phi Phi, the beach is nestled in a small bay and surrounded by tall limestone cliffs. Maya Bay can only be visited on day trips by boat, since there are no accommodations here. Hordes of people visit during high season, but the beauty makes dealing with the crowds worth it. As you know Phi Phi become famour after shooting movie Blue lagoon.

4. Hua Hin Beach, Hua Hin


This beach on the Gulf of Siam is immensely popular for locals and international visitors, thanks to the flat stretches of beach, plenty of things to do and the ease of travel from Bangkok. The beach slopes very gently into the gulf, so while it’s not the best beach for real swimming, it’s a great place for families with small children.  Thailand’s tourism scene is dominated by backpackers; but that isn’t to say there aren’t a number of family friendly resorts to choose from. Hua Hin Beach is a great spot for parents travelling with young children – it’s easily accessible, close to a whole range of facilities and offers some of the best paddling in Thailand. With great links to Bangkok, Hua Hin is a favourite with travellers from all over the world. Hua Hin is only 2 hours away by car from Bangkok, if you go with taxi it is only 1200 BHT ( aprox. 25 EUR) I was there with my wife, little bit commercial city, many foreign restaurants. Most of beaches are owned by Kingdom of Thailand.

5. Kata Beach, Phuket



Just a couple of miles away from the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach is this quieter, relaxed beach in Southern Phuket. Kata has everything that makes Phuket so popular – palm trees, warm water and nice scenery, but there are no high rise hotels or shopping malls in sight. During low season, waves at this beach can be intense, making it a great place to do some surfing but not the perfect spot for those with young children.  With its strong waves and sporty feel, Kata Beach is beloved among surfers and their hangers on. It’s located in southern Phuket, not far from Patong Beach, but the atmospheres of the two locations couldn’t be more different. Kata is a pristine spot framed by palm trees and lacking the paraphernalia of a popular tourist resort, so it’s a good place to go if you fancy a little peace and quiet.

6. Lamai Beach, Samui


Though Samui’s beaches can be packed, especially during high season, this beach strikes the perfect balance for visitors looking for pretty scenery, good swimming and plenty of other things to do when you’re not in the water. At night, the scores of bars and restaurants turn Lamai Beach into a party scene. I was there 3 years ago and I think that Koh Samui is one of most beautiful islands in Thailand. Lamai beach is good for families too, Chaweng beach is more for party people ;)

7. White Sand Beach, Koh Chang

This beautiful stretch of beach on the west side of the island is fringed with palm and coconut trees against a backdrop of gentle sloping hills. Though Ko Chang is still considered more of a backpacker island than a luxury destination, there’s a wide selection of accommodations to choose from.

8. Haad Rin, Koh Pha Ngan

Party beach
As beautiful as it is, Haad Rin is really known for just one thing – Full Moon Party! Once a month the beach goes on an all-night bender with plenty of drinking, dancing and music. At other times of the month, the party atmosphere still pervades so those looking for a quieter beach experience might want to steer clear. During the day the soft, gold sand and gently sloping coast make Haad Rin ideal for swimming and enjoying the surrounding scenery, though many visitors are too bleary-eyed to appreciate it. The beach is on a small peninsula jutting out from the island so while there are places to sleep and eat, it’s still relatively undeveloped.
I really do not want to go to Ful Moon Party, you can go there with boat, but it is not sure that you will have space next day to go back.. many people and many people wiht hangover..

9. Koh Lipe Beach,Koh Lipe


 There are 4 main beaches, as well as smaller coves & inlets. All beaches are connected by footpaths. There are many dive shops on Koh Lipe and they all offer similar standards and service. The island is teeming with marine life and a healthy reef system . Snorkel equipment can be rented from most resorts.Tarutao National Park consists of many islands that can be reached very easily from Lipe. Most resorts have drivers and tours for your convenience. 1/2 day or full day trips can be arranged to neighbouring islands such as Koh Rawi and Koh Adang. The beautiful island of Hin Ngam and its spiritual undertones should not be missed. Me and my wife are ony 35 minutes from the Petra National park beach from where boats are starting to go to Koh Lipe.

From last year this island is so overbooked that you have to make reservation at least 2 months before. They have opened new shopping street too. 


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Amazing Thailand is offering more than you can dream about


I have decided to start my Thailand blog, this time in english language. My first Thailand blog was in Slovenian language and after over 12 000 visits I think there are many people out there who need help, advise or just recommendation about Hotels, Resorts and Thailand.

I am married with Thai lady for 3 years now, I have travelled a lot in Europe and Asia so I can give you informations from first hand.
I am owner of many websites, but only one is connected directly to Hotels and Resorts in Thailand, please check it here

Some Tips On Traveling Around Thailand

Whenever you visit a foreign country, such as Thailand, it can take some time to get used to their transportation methods. Knowing what to expect before you arrive can help in figuring out what a Tuk Tuk is, versus deciding if you're better off hailing a motorcy.

Thailand Transportation: How to Get Around

In Thailand,  there are many different choices for your traveling needs. Depending on where you want to go, you shouldn't have a problem finding the right means to arrive there comfortably. Here are some of the popular means of Thailand transportation.

Motorcy - A motorcy is what the locals call the motorbike taxis. Since Thailand's cities, like Bangkok, can get congested with rush hour traffic, a motorcy is a common means for tourists to get around. They can make their way a little quicker trough the traffic and they're one of the most inexpensive means of travel. A word of caution - keep your knees tucked close to the bike!

Limousine - If you want to get around in style during your Thailand travel, then there are plenty of limousine services for your traveling needs. One of the costlier forms of travel, it's also the most comfortable. Your Thailand hotel can help you get a limo if you need assistance.

Taxi - Taxis are a common fixture throughout Thailand. If you need one, simply keep an eye out, for one will be passing by soon. Taxi tip - Make sure the taxi has a working meter before entering and never use a taxi that's sitting idle or accept rides from taxi drivers who come up to you asking if you need a taxi. Stick only with taxis you see driving on the road during a Thailand vacation.
Taxis are very cheap, from Suvarnambhumi Airport you can get taxi for 400 BHT ( 12 USD, 9 EUR) till Sukhumvit Soi 3.

SkyTrain - In Bangkok, the newly constructed SkyTrain offers locals and tourists alike the travel solution they've been waiting for. This futuristic, suspended train system quickly takes passengers to their destinations instead of sitting in the traffic below. It's not uncommon for passengers to get to their destination up to two hours earlier using SkyTrain.  It si very cheap and fast, for 20 - 40BHT.

Tuk Tuk - Tuk Tuks, or motorized rickshaws, are a fun way to get around Thailand. With a passenger cabin perfect for two, Tuk Tuks can also be a romantic way to travel. However, they're not the greatest place to be if you're stuck in traffic, so it's best to use Tuk Tuks only before or after the rush hour.

Car Rental - If you want to go it alone outside of your Thailand hotel then a car rental may be for you. Most of the big name car rental companies have offices throughout Thailand, so you won't have a problem finding a car rental you can trust. Your hotel can probably provide you with information for Thailand car rentals.

For start I can offer you some really low prices of hotels in Bangkok...